Classy But Creepy Grown-Up Halloween Decor by Samantha's Doodles

I've always loved Halloween, and I love decorating, but sometimes I feel like the decorations that are available aren't quite what I'm looking for...there is always a lot of cartoon-y characters and bright purple and orange colors that don't always go with the vibe I want in my house. 

This year I decided to work on some grown-up versions of some spooky classics to add a mature but still fun edge to my Halloween decorations. Plus, for those who live & breathe spooky, these can be hung up all year long!!

The best part is these designs can be left plain (just the wood grain) or they can be painted to match the look you want. 

Here's what I created so far: 

  • A skull with wildflowers
  • A snake silthering through some flowers
  • A skull with a snake slithering through the eye
  • A deer skull with flowers on the antlers
Four engraved pieces of wood art - top left skull with flowers, top right snake with flowers, bottom left skull with a snake coming out of the eyes, bottom right deer skull with flowers on top of the antlers. Wood is a light color and the details are engraved in dark brown. Backdrop is white and grya marble.
First I created the line art drawings in Procreate on my iPad Pro (2021 edition with 2nd generation Apple pencil).
I then engraved them on 1/4" maple plywood using my Glowforge Pro. The settings I used were 1000 speed, 70 power, and 225 lines per inch.
All I need to do is add some hangers and get these babies up on the wall! :) 
These engraving files can be found at my shop: 
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