Easy DIY Pegboard Display for Craft Shows & Vendor Fairs

When I first started designing my stickers, I only had 3 designs. Now I have upwards of 100 designs, and needed some sort of compact, functional way to display them at craft fairs.

I saw some other artists on Instagram using peg boards, though they were using the entire sheet and hanging them inside their tents at vendor events. I drive a Mini Cooper, so that wasn't necessarily going to be the right fit for me.

I decided I wanted to make a rotating peg board display that I could sit on top of my table and fill with my sticker designs. I wanted it to rotate so that customers could walk up, spin it around, and pick up whatever stickers caught their eyes.

This is the design I came up with:

Even though COVID-19 has kind of wiped all vendor events off the map for me for the near future, this display has come in handy when I'm filling orders at home. For those who are looking for a quick, easy way to display your stickers (or earrings or other products!!) - here's how you can make your own.

1 - Order 2 peg board panels (24" x 48"). I got mine at Home Depot for under $20 total.
2 - Cut each board into 3 equal panels. I used 16" across and 24" high. This leaves you with 4 panels for your display and 2 extra in case you mess up. Note: you can adjust sizes if desired - this might be a bit large if you don't have a ton of designs yet or if you are selling smaller items, so you can always scale down these measurements.
3 - Buy or cut wood for the top and bottom of your display. I used 2 16" cradled wood panels (approx $12 each) that I had laying around in my studio. They worked out PERFECTLY, and the cradled sides give a little extra support.
4 - Attach the 4 cut peg board panels to the top and base pieces with screws. 
5 - Purchase a lazy Susan. I ordered mine from Amazon for $13. It is 12" and can hold up to 1000 lbs. Drill this into the bottom of the display. Now it rotates!
6. Put a handle on the top so you can easily rotate the display. This handle also helps with transport. I just used a drawer pull.
7. Obtain peg board hooks for your display. Depending on what you are displaying, you may need different sizes. I used 2" hooks. Space them out according to the size of your products.
8. Attach plastic hanging tabs to your products. I ordered a pack of 1000 from Amazon and tabbed each sticker.
9. Hang your items & you are good to go!
close up of pegboard display - shows multiple rows of alien stickers and some other designs
When I first made this display, I had the side boards flush with the top of the panel. I ended up creating more designs than fit - so I raised the top up slightly to give access to another row of pegs. Eventually I will paint it white and add a sign with prices and my logo, but for now, this works just fine. 
I tried it for the first time at the Greater Goods Baltimore Market in March, and it went great! It makes displaying the stickers so much easier.
To transport, I stretched rubber bands across each row of stickers & it held them in place wonderfully even through a bumpy car ride. The only adjusting we had to do was to take off the rubber bands and straighten the hooks once situated. If you feel like taking all the stickers off to move it, you can do that too, but I was feeling lazy.
All in all, I would recommend this display. It was relatively cheap, SUPER easy to make, and works like a charm!
I'm still working on my organization, but I'm loving this so far!
Let me know if you try making your own. I'd love to see.
xx Sam
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Hello. When you attach the tag to the back of the sticker…does it tear the sticker when you peel it off?


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