Sam's "MUST HAVE!" List for Laser Makers

Vendors are listed alphabetically - I love them all for different reasons. 

Cerulean Tides - Acrylic

  • Free shipping over $199
  • Fast turnaround
  • A HUGE variety of acrylic, especially specialty - glitter, pearl, pastel, frosted, etc. 
  • 3M Tape available
  • Current favorites: Frosted Passion Fruit and Fairy Dust Fine Glitter

CM's Acrylics - Acrylic

  • Free shipping over $30
  • Fast turnaround
  • Very reasonably priced - glitter acrylic for $11, frosted acrylic for $10, regular colors $7 (Glowforge-sized sheets)
  • Less color variety than some other options, but some great staples
  • Current favorites: Hot Pink Matte & Silver Iridescent Glitter

Craft Closet - Acrylic, Wood, & More

  • Free shipping over $99
  • Fast turnaround
  • A large variety of acrylic, especially specialty - glitter, pearl, pastel, frosted, etc.
  • Variety of quality styles of wood
  • ColorBoards - mdf with different colors and patterns (Including the Samantha's Doodles collection!!!) 
  • ColorFlex - flexible patterned alternative to leather
  • Veneer - GORGEOUS shell veneer in a variety of colors
  • Awesome rewards program (Craft Coins)
  • 3M Tape available
  • Current favorites: Venetian Marble & the Samantha's Doodles COLORboard collection

Custom Made Better - Acrylic, Wood, and more

  • Free shipping over $65
  • So many different collections of acrylic - my personal favorites are the flake and dot collections
  • Printed pattern acrylic
  • Wide variety
  • Current favorites: Teal Crystal Flake & Totally Teal Dots

Houston Acrylic - Acrylic, Leatherette, and Wood

  • Free shipping over $100
  • Fast turnaround
  • A HUGE variety of acrylic, especially specialty - glitter, pearl, pastel, frosted, etc.
  • Wide variety of materials 
  • Current favorites: Ivory Haze and Emerald Starry Sky

Smokey Hill Designs - Wood, Patternply (TM) 

  • Fast turnaround
  • Wide variety of wood styles
  • Patternply (TM) - mdf with patterns,  including solid color Pantone options
  • Patternply (TM) Acrylic - acrylic with patterns - colored cores for engraving without having to fill 
  • High quality "Misfit" drops - better than some regular offerings elsewhere
  • Current favorites: Maple & Sapele


  • A wagon - I use it for markets, transporting stuff, etc. and it has been a LIFE SAVER - bought on Amazon 

  • Plastic razor blade for removing masking: variations available at many shops, but I got mine from Craft Closet 

  • Battery operated air blower (alternative to canned air): Amazon 

  • Digital caliper for measuring material thickness: Amazon

  • Masking paper (transfer tape - get the PAPER option only): Vinyl Ease on Amazon

  • Palm sander

  • If making earrings, plan on collecting various sized jump rings, chains, and earring findings (I got basic posts and hooks from Amazon, for fancier styles I search "cute earring findings" on Etsy) 

  • Jewelry pliers: Amazon

  • Scraper for applying masking - I have a few cheap ones, they can be any type or brand (example from Amazon)

  • X-acto knives (be careful!) for poking out small pieces, cuts that didn't go through all the way, etc.


  • Spray paint from Martha Stewart, Rustoleum, and Krylon

  • Craft paint from Michaels 

  • Posca paint markers for small details and filling engraves: I got mine from Blick because they have a wide variety of sizes and colors available

  • Filler primer for a smooth finish


  • E6000 - takes 72 hours to dry but easy (Amazon, Craft Stores, Walmart, etc.) I usually use this paired with super glue so the super glue makes an immediate bond and then the E6000 dries and provides stability

  • Krazy Glue All Purpose Control Pen for gluing small areas

  • Gorilla Glue with Brush - easier to control and brush on pieces

  • Loctite Ultra Gel Control - for gluing 2 part earrings together


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