creative fabrica subscription

My favorite site for fonts is Creative Fabrica. You can currently use my affiliate link to get your subscription for $4.99 a month! That's the lowest offer I've seen to date.

This gives you full access to the entire site & all the fonts, graphics, and craft resources you could ever need.

are you planning to buy a glowforge?

If you use my link, you can save up to $500! All you have to do is purchase from this link and the discount will automatically be applied.

craft closet

Are you looking to try out Craft Closet for your laser supply needs? Here's my affilliate link to use on your first purchase. Using this helps me continue to be able to contribute designs to our ongoing collaboration!

sam's little group

Are you a new laser owner or are you just looking to get the hang of drawing doodles? Our learning community on Facebook is growing! We offer weekly doodle tutorials, tips & tricks, freebies, troubleshooting help, and more!

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