Three Temporary Tattoos - One 3" Mandala and Two 2" Lotus Flowers

Three Temporary Tattoos - One 3" Mandala and Two 2" Lotus Flowers

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Do you want to express yourself with tattoos but are afraid of commitment? Try out our temporary tattoos to add some pizzazz without committing to forever.

These temporary tattoo designs were drawn by Sam and printed on temporary tattoo paper.

Item Specifications:

  • Includes three tattoos - one 3" mandala and two 2" lotus flowers
  • Tattoos last 1-2 days and are not waterproof

Application: Remove plastic top coat. Place tattoo sticky-side down on skin where desired. Apply a wet towel for 15-20 seconds or until paper backing begins to release from design. Let dry.

Removal: Gently scrub with soap and water.

Do not use if you have sensitivity to adhesives. Do not apply to broken skin, face, or near eyes. If irritation occurs, remove the tattoo.

Tattoos are shipped via regular USPS mail without tracking within 1-3 business days of ordering. If you wish to purchase tracking, it is an additional cost. 

Domestic US orders can take up to  7-14 business days depending on location. International orders can take 21+ business days. Due to COVID-19 delays, these are estimates and shipping times may vary.